Guaranteed recruitment opportunities lie at the heart of an informed decision to relocate. A progressive company needs assurance that an enterprising and motivated workforce awaits them.

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At a Glance

Over 700,000 people can reach Middlesbrough within a 30-minute drive

450,000 people live within a 20-minute drive of the town centre

136,316 people live less than a 10-minute drive from Middlesbrough

Across all sectors of the employment spectrum, from managerial and graduates through to customer service level, Middlesbrough has a trained, motivated and economical workforce, with salary rates more affordable in the North East than anywhere else in the country.

Middlesbrough offers free tailored support to businesses relocating to the area or expanding, underpinned by the Council’s vision and commitment to create sustained economic growth, high quality jobs and thriving communities.

Recruitment support is available through the Economic Employment Group at no cost. The group comprises Middlesbrough Council, Middlesbrough College, Teesside University, National Careers Service, Department for Work and Pensions, Middlesbrough Community Learning and Youth Employment Initiative.

Similarly, Tees Valley Combined Authority works in conjunction with a range of agencies, such as Job Centre Plus, recruitment specialists, colleges and universities to support new investment into the area.

Qualified Workforce


25,800 of Middlesbrough residents are qualified to a level 4 or above (which includes HNC, HNDs and Foundation degrees as well as Level 6+ Bachelor/ Honours degrees).

Professional Employees


In 2016 there were 103,960 managers, directors and senior officials employed within a one-hour drive time of the Tees Valley.

500,000 People of Working Age


Around half a million people of working age can be found within 30 miles of the Tees Valley.



At 5.1% in 2015, the number of enterprises grew faster in Middlesbrough than the UK rate of 4.7%. There were 3,245 enterprises based in the town in 2014, rising to 3,410 in 2015.

Experienced Managers


In 2016 there were 21,230 managers, directors and senior officials employed within Tees Valley.

New Homes Planned


7,000 new homes currently planned for Middlesbrough, including an exciting range of executive homes, are creating highly desirable opportunities for staff relocation.

Professional Occupations


54,330 people are currently employed in professional occupations within Tees Valley.

Birth Rates


Middlesbrough’s business enterprise birth rate was around 8% higher than the national average in 2015 – representing 525 new business births during the year.

One Hour Drive


236,660 people are employed in professional occupations within a one-hour drive time of the Tees Valley.