Why you should relocate your business to Middlesbrough

Our Centre Square development is situated right in the heart of Middlesbrough, and is just one of many impressive regeneration projects happening throughout our region. It’s clear that we’re at a turning point in which Middlesbrough is truly being seen as a viable and prime location to relocate your business to.

In this feature, we’re going to look at the key reasons you should relocate your growing business to Middlesbrough and what this fantastic region can do for you and your company.


Business Compass

Tees Valley Business Compass offers businesses in Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas support in order to improve their offering and grow. The ‘experts in business growth’ are oftentimes a crucial component in helping businesses in the region expand.

Some of the services that the Business Compass can assist you with include:

  1. Developing great marketing strategies
  2. Getting your business discovered online
  3. Supplying energy efficiency product and services
  4. Creating workforce training plans

This regional-specific scheme is a huge crux to many businesses relocating to Middlesbrough as it gives them the opportunity to discover what their company is capable of and trains their teams to become industry-leaders.


Middlesbrough Council

Middlesbrough Council is inviting applications for targeted business rates relief in support of projects with development potential, encouragement of new entrants to Middlesbrough’s market, step-change developments and the reoccupation of vacant premises (where rates are not currently payable); the scheme aims to incentivise inward investment in key sectors/areas, as a way to generate new business rates and support the delivery of the objects of the Investment Prospectus.

The scheme is time and resource limited and will prioritise new businesses entering Middlesbrough’s market will be prioritised, although support may be available for incumbent businesses with significant growth plans or expansions (for both business turnover and business rates yield).

Any support would be tapered over a three-year period to allow for business growth and stabilisation; reverting to the full amount payable in year four. Any application will be subject to eligibility criteria, availability and will be capped at the de-minimus level of state-aid support.


Tees Valley Combined Authority

In 2017 the Tees Valley Combined Authority agreed their first Combined Authority Investment Plan, with a focus on creating new jobs, growing the region’s skills base and improving infrastructure.

This forward-thinking and growth driven plan will boast around £500 million worth of investment, to take place between 2017-2021, and highlights how financial interest in the area is bringing more business value to Middlesbrough.

Your company could really benefit from this generous funding and investment. Want to find out more? Visit their website here.

Invest in Middlesbrough

In a nutshell, Invest in Middlesbrough showcases the region’s success, highlighting business opportunities and local investments, and works in tandem with Middlesbrough council to forge new partnerships that will see the region thrive and prosper.

The initiative offers an all-encompassing overview of Middlesbrough, from business opportunities and success stories to information on the key sectors that make the town thrive. If you’re ever under any confusion as to whether Middlesbrough is right for you and your business, Invest in Middlesbrough will be able to put your concerns at ease.

To keep up to date with all of the latest investment opportunities, events and Middlesbrough business news, follow them on Twitter here


Culture is key

Middlesbrough is an incredibly diverse and present town in Tees Valley and its leisure offering is paramount to its success as a place where people can work, live and socialise happily.

With stunning green spaces, a thriving food and drinks economy and a culture that enjoys and respects the arts, sports and entertainment, Middlesbrough encourages an active and enjoyable social life. So, alongside a thriving business centre and a beautifully diverse environment, Middlesbrough is the perfect place to explore, rest and play.

If you’d like to look into the high-quality lifestyle aspects of Middlesbrough to ascertain whether your employees would enjoy life here, just head over to our website where you’ll find all the information you need.


Feeling inspired?

For any business wanting to relocate to Middlesbrough, the region offers high quality office space such as Centre Square, financial benefits and incentives, as well as a skilled work force and an incredible social offering. The potential for success is endless.

If you’re feeling inspired by the regeneration of Centre Square, and Middlesbrough’s business potential, or want to discover more about relocating your business to the North East, get in touch with our agents today.

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