The 4 best landmarks to visit beside Centre Square


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Middlesbrough is located in the North East of England with a rich history that’s helped form the thriving town you see today. With a penchant for arts, culture and sports, the region has become a tourist hotspot, and offers a wonderful variety of cultural landmarks for visitors.

If you’re planning a visit to the area, or you’re happy to be convinced, then have a read on to discover the four best landmarks to visit beside our Centre Square development in the heart of Middlesbrough.


Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art

Situated in the epicentre of the town, Middlesbrough’s Institute of Modern Art (MIMA) is the perfect day out for those who want to get a culture fix.

Open Tuesday right through to Sunday, there is something for every lover of art to enjoy. The most recent galleries have included the ‘This is Water’ collection - exploring the long histories of migration that have forged the current shape of the UK (interesting for those of us who have ever thought of moving to a warmer climate), as well as ‘Fragile Earth: seeds, weeds, plastic crust’ which explores the relationships between plants, animals and humans at a time of climate crisis.

If you’d like to get out of the house and gift yourself with an eye-opening afternoon, we’d truly recommend stopping by.

Visit their website to find out what else you can enjoy.


Ormesby Hall

The beautiful Ormesby Hall is a National Trust property, based just 3 miles from Middlesbrough’s Centre Square. With exhibitions, antinque bookshops and quaint cafés on site, it’s a beautiful day out at a truly stunning location.

If you’re after a little bit more adventure, this stunning family house is bordered by the most exceptionally maintained garden, park and forestry areas, giving you the choice of anything from a woodland walk to late-night stargazing.

The grounds are also dog friendly so you can let your pets roam free across the 200 acres of forests, fields and streams. 

To find out more about Ormesby Hall you can check out their website here.

 Riverside Stadium

If you’re into your football, your trip won’t be complete without watching a game at Riverside Stadium - home to Middlesbrough FC with a capacity of over 34,000 people!

The stadium represents a proud and bold statement of Middlesbrough Football Club's progressive thinking as well as its vision for the future. It’s seen some absolutely exceptional games throughout its 25-year history, and at night it’s illuminated allowing it to be seen for miles around – a must-see spectacle.

To find out about the club’s rich history or to learn when the next game is on, simply visit the website here.


Dorman Museum

Less than a mile from Middlesbrough’s Centre Square - situated right next to Albert Park - the Dorman Museum is a fantastic (and free) day out.

This Middlesbrough landmark is currently home to some very exciting galleries, including the ‘20th Century Woman’, which focuses its interest in how major political and social change has shaped the lives of Middlesbrough women.

Another fantastic exhibition which has given Middlesbrough locals a renewed respect for their home is ‘Town in Time’, highlighting the area’s history of human habitation which stretches back thousands of years. Two full galleries, bespoke in their design, with artefacts and stories about the town are awaiting all visitors.

Check out what else is on by visiting their website.


And that’s it

We hope you’ve been inspired to visit these fantastic Middlesbrough landmarks, all just a stone’s throw away from Centre Square.

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