Public Realm

Public Space

There are plans to improve the public realm and create a vibrant and iconic new civic space that works in tandem with the existing Centre Square’s offerings. This is a graceful space with a clean metropolitan feel, as inviting as it is modern. Elegant clusters of trees, ornamental hedges and wild flower  planting alongside manicured lawns create a haven for wildlife. To have this on your doorstep at lunchtime is nothing short of a delight.

Water features

Water features dotted throughout the space bring the design to life. They are not merely decorative, a tumbling water table has been designed so that people can reach in and let the water spill over their hands. A synchronised fountain of jets creates animation and adds to the sense of the space being a living active place. Meanwhile set to one side of the Square, a structured series of water rills give a nod to the ordered calm of a Japanese ornamental garden.

Place to sit

There’s space to spread out and claim your spot, new seating walls, seats and planters will accommodate over 100 people. Importantly, the Square’s lively vibe will extend long after the sun has sunk low.

Attractive feature lighting, as well as light spilling from the offices and restaurants will allow evening use of the space while ground floor level restaurants, cafes and bars encourage footfall making the Square a pleasant place to linger at all times of day and year.