Efficiency & Sustainability

Good For You and the Environment.

No business can afford to leave corporate social responsibility and the environmental concerns of their office space to chance. Centre Square has energy efficiency built into the design and strong environmental credentials throughout.

Water Conservation


Water use is minimised through the use of low water consuming toilets, urinals and low flow rate taps with infra-red controls.

Energy Saving


Low energy LED lighting and lighting control systems with daylight dimming.

Solar Powered


Photo Voltaic (PV) panels mounted on the roof will generate onsite electricity and reduce the reliance on grid supplied electricity.

Highest Standards


Designed in accordance with the highest industry standards, the building will provide 3 metre-high ceilings and generous ceiling and floor voids for services and data distribution.

Optimised Services


Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) will automatically control the building services systems to their optimum and reduce overall energy use.

Natural Resources


Rainwater will be collected and used for toilets and urinal flushing.